Signs of Fraud

Bitcoin Scams: Signs You’re Being Scammed

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are attracting many new investors these days. Online scams surrounding cryptocurrency are also starting to pop up more frequently, but they are not limited to crypto-related advertisements. Scammers will often trick people into believing they’re getting a call from an official entity related to your issue, such as your bank. Bitcoin scams are difficult to revert so make sure to stay away from the scam from the very first point. There are different scenarios where you find yourself helpless and bitcoin scams need professional assistance and resources to get refunded.

Scams related to cryptocurrencies

If you’re a crypto investor, then you’re automatically being monitored by scammers as well. You’re always being talked to by bitcoin and crypto-related scammers who use any opportunity to get you to part with your money. Some of these scams are quite obvious but there are a few that are still obscure. One of these scams involves fraudulent websites that are trying to scam people by offering to sell bitcoins on the cheap. Others target victims by using fake official-looking website that claim to be either FBI or other such legal institution that is doing investigation on your alleged money laundering problem. Regardless of how you end up with a fake website, they use social media to advertise their products as well.

Bitcoin scams/scenarios

Thieves impersonate officials from your bank. When criminals get your bank account details, they fraudulently deposit the amount in a fake account. They send you a ransom note pretending that they’re sending you your money back, but in reality, they want your money for their own cryptocurrency. If you want to recover your money, you have to pay the crooks $1000 first. The majority of these criminals are non-licensed and/or unregistered so you have to make sure they use only unregistered money exchange. Do not fall for these scams and make sure your bank account details aren’t being used to transfer your funds to an unregistered business or person.

How to avoid bitcoin scams?

Don’t just watch any post or post anywhere online to help you save your money. The best way to avoid bitcoin scams is to learn everything you can about the cryptocurrency in general and cryptocurrencies specific to your region. There are a few main ways that you can learn more about Bitcoin, and these are online resources: If you’re looking for a simple guide to use for basic questions or simple settings, is a great place to look. It’s possible to easily search for these types of questions or to find the information you’re looking for. Bitcoin Foundation: This is a trusted community that has many different topics of interest.